Meet Jamix

Your AI assistant for work

Keep your company's data secure while empowering employees with AI

Chat with your data

Jamix is connected to your work apps and data. Now you can get answers to your questions quickly. We provide sources for our answers, so you can double check the accuracy.

Search across your apps

Now you can search across all of your apps and data from one search bar. No more switching from app to app to find things. We can help you find files, folders, information, and answers to your questions faster.

    Automate your tasks

    Tired of doing the same tasks every day? With Jamix you can easily automate these tasks. We connect to several different apps and more are coming soon.

      Initiate actions

      Jamix can initiate actions in your apps on your behalf. For example, you can ask our AI to file an issue in your task manager. Just ask our AI for help and consider it done.

        Ask questions, write content, generate summaries, and more

        Similar to ChatGPT and other AI systems, Jamix can answer your questions, write content, brainstorm new ideas, summarize websites, and a lot more!

          Keep your data secure

          Your data is never used to train AI models. We encrypt your data and ensure it’s protected. We ensure employees only access data they have permissions to. Plus, we’re actively working on SOC 2 Compliance.

          Frequently Asked Questions