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Introducing Jamix, your AI assistant for work


We’re proud to announce the launch of Jamix, your AI assistant for work! In addition, we’re announcing a $3M pre-seed round led by Audacious Ventures along with some amazing angel investors!

Problem we're solving

After ChatGPT launched, people started using AI tools at work. Unfortunately, these tools often use your data to train their models. As you can imagine, this is quite concerning to companies. In fact, last year 75% of businesses were considering or implementing a ban on ChatGPT.

Of course, OpenAI launched ChatGPT Enterprise / Team. And, we’ve seen a couple other big tech companies launch competitive products, but we haven’t seen many viable startups compete head-on in this market.

Enter Jamix

We offer two key differentiators to customers:

First, we connect with a company’s apps, data, and APIs. This enables us to offer 3 products that ChatGPT doesn’t provide:

  1. Search across your apps. Now you have one search bar to search across all of your apps. This is frankly a table stakes feature that most users expect in an AI assistant application
  2. Chat with your data. You can easily create chat bots connected to your apps / data, and share these with your coworkers. For example, you can connect Jamix to a Google Drive folder of invoices and easily chat to find answers to your questions. You no longer need to upload PDFs one-by-one. Plus, as the underlying data changes, your chat bot's knowledge also adjusts accordingly.
  3. Automate workflows. This enables you to automate repetitive tasks by connecting apps together and leveraging AI. For example, a recruiter we’re working with can now connect their ATS to Jamix and ask our AI to filter through inbound candidates. This will save them hours of work per week.

Second, our other key differentiator is that we are model agnostic. This provides companies three benefits:

  1. Future-proofed application. As we all know, billions of dollars are being invested into new models. OpenAI, Google, Meta, Anthropic, Cohere, Mistral and others continue to push the envelope. For a company, it’s advantageous to invest in an application that can utilize the best model in the market for the years to come. With ChatGPT Enterprise, companies are effectively locking themselves into one company and one model.
  2. Cloud-hosted solution. In the future, we will enable customers to run our application on their own cloud while using open source models. This is quite appealing to data security sensitive companies because they can keep all of their data on their own cloud.
  3. More affordable. We’ll also be able to use more affordable models for certain use cases in the future. This enables us to pass those savings on to our customers.

In summary, while we’re a small company we’re confident in our strategy. We’ll continue to provide more product functionality at a lower cost, while protecting our customers’ data. We're excited to continue to build the future with your support!

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